Earthquake relief, August, 2021
Earthquake relief to the hospital
Homeless mother and child at Cite Lumiere clinic.
Setting up tarp outside of Cite Lumiere station
Damaged SEED Compund
Water ready to deliver.
Eartquake injured girl.
Putting up a tarp for shelter.
Food relief line near Camp Perrin
Destroyed school
Destruction near Camp Perrin, between Cayes and Jeremie.

Earthquake Relief

August - December, 2021

In the aftermath of the August 14th earthquake in southern Haiti, LOTM mobilized and got funding for small quantities of relief materials and supplies.  These were delivered into the interior of the southern peninsula by Radio Lumiere's employees while larger NGOs and relief agencies prepped for large-scale relief efforts.

Peniel and staff led the effort to get much needed water, foodstuffs, toiletries, and mattresses to people located in the interior of the country.  Much of the large scale relief efforts took place along the coast and in populated areas.  LOTM and Radio Lumiere helped to get aid and material into areas where people were unable to travel to the NGO relief depots.