A Unique Training and Educational Partnership

There is a need for training and jobs for many people in Haiti and around the world.  Over the years on our projects we have built long-term relationships with youth and young adults who are looking for educational and vocational opportunities.  We also have been approached by benefactors who are interested in supporting qualified student prospects while desiring an opportunity to put their money to work for tax advantages.

Mehdi Mourad
Our very first Special Programs beneficiary, Mehdi, in 2021.

This gave rise to the forming of a new initiative which we have named "Special Programs".  While the thrust of what we do is assist Radio Lumiere and MEBSH, we also desired to focus more attention on nurturing training and educational opportunities for young people.  We chose to make this opportunity available to young participants on our work teams, our Haitian friends who we frequently interact with, or any other international student who we have a relationship with.

With this initiative we work with any donors and supporters of a prospective student.  We provide a tax benefit for their donation (of which 100% of the donation goes toward the educational and training support of the student).  The student will have a list of requirements and goals to achieve to maintain eligibility in the program.  So the student is provided with educational support and the donor is provided a tax benefit.  It is a win-win scenario for everyone. 

To learn more about our Special Programs Initiative, contact us here.