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While our work primarily is focused on Radio Lumiere, we cannot ignore the urgent needs in the communities in which we work.  This concern is shared by the leadership of Radio Lumiere and the MEBSH church leadership that we partner with.  Together we help to provide assistance where we can to the host communities of our projects.  By doing so we attempt to take some of the sting out of the grinding poverty and deprivation that we see.  This also helps our projects gain acceptance by our neighbors and gives them a sense of inclusion and ownership in our work initiatives with Radio Lumiere.

Over the years we have added to our various capital projects for Radio Lumiere the following:

  • supplement salary for a pre-school teacher in Menelas
  • help pay for school tuition for students
  • provide for doors and benches for a church in Menelas
  • build a house in Menelas
  • provide a sound system for a church
  • replace house roofs in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew
  • help with a chicken project in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew
  • provide for desks and chairs for a school in Delpeche
  • provide for school kits for students in Delpeche
  • provide for bottled water and emergency rations after Hurricane Matthew ravaged the Tiburon Peninsula
  • provide water filters and small 'community water systems' in partnership with New Hope Coalition
  • provide small scale wind turbines to generate electricity at remote hard to access stations
  • helping to provide relief after the August, 2021 earthquake

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