Our Mission

To share the love of God in Haiti by building relationships.  We serve to empower Radio Lumiere to better serve their listeners in spreading the Gospel, teaching, and the sharing of vital information, and to provide assistance to people in need around the world.

We work with Radio Lumiere in Haiti, seeking to help it better fulfill it's mission to the Haitian people.  We do this by developing and supporting it's capital projects and through community outreach efforts. 

We also work with and for Radio Lumiere's parent organization, the Mission Evangélique Baptiste du Sud d'Haïti (MEBSH).  MEBSH is a network of over 460 churches and operates more than 400 schools in Haiti.

We also have initiatives in the USA and around the world to provide assistance to needy people who may have no other source of help or support.


Assist in Capital Projects

Whether new construction, renovation, or repair, we partner with our friends in Haiti with Radio Lumiere on their construction projects.

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Teaching and Training

Whenever and where ever possible, we attempt to include students and young adults in on our projects and expose them to vocational opportunities.

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Promoting Sustainability with our Actions

We attempt to support the Haitian economy as much as we can.   We also develop and promote long term relationships with our Haitian friends as we partner with them.

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