Hibiscus House, where we stayed overnight before heading to Torbeck the next day.

Sunday meal after church.

Sunday afternoon assessment of the tower site.

Local spectator.

Sorting through the tower sections.  Each is separate and unique and will only fit together in a specific order.

Tower base with destroyed tower in the background.

Tuning shed.

Transporting the first section to the base.

Laying out the sections.

They'll figure it out sometime, right?

Attempting to salvage the hardline.


The mason getting things ready for that battery shelves.

Getting the first tower section in place.

Peniel and Lhermon inspecting the progress.

Inverter installed.

Getting the new coat of paint on the walls.

Mason boss hard at work.

Getting ready to install insulators on the guy cables.

Teresa and Roodly with some kids, working on school homework.

Getting ready to lay out the first set of panels.

Harry working on the inverter.

Neighborhood kids.

Carrying out the last section.

Sending the next section up the tower.

Bernadette, her children, and her nephew.


Inspecting the first bank of solar panels.

Keith and Roodly fashioning a bracket from an old engine mounting part.

Interloper in the bathroom at the guesthouse.

Keith and Roodly working on the rails for the second group of solar panels.

Batteries set in place.

Teresa getting a fresh coat of paint on the ceiling.

Ray getting the conduit ready to connect.

Keith and Roodly setting the next set of solar panels in place.

Harry and Teresa sending the next panel up.

Almost completed.

Dale and his buddy.

Master solar panel installers.

More images to come soon!


March 17 - 26, 2018

We installed a replacement tower and solar power generating system at the Hurricane Matthew damaged AM station at Torbeck. 

We also gave a fresh coat of paint to the inside of the transmitter room.

An assessment was made of the condition of the equipment in the tuning shed.  It would need to be repaired and optimized at a later date.

We wish to thank our German friend Helmut for helping out with getting the new cable anchors installed in advance of our arrival on site.