Earthquake and Storm Relief

We're doing our best to help the relief effort; we need your help too!

map of impacted area
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Last Saturday August 14th a major earthquake (7.2M) struck the southern peninsula north of Saint-Louis-du-Sud.  Then on Monday and Tuesday August 16th and 17th Tropical Storm (soon to be hurricane) Grace passed over the area, dumping up to 15" of rain on top of the earthquake survivors; many who either lost their homes or were too scared to go back in them because of the frequent aftershocks that continued for days.

This time seems different than in 2010 when the January earthquake struck west of Port-au-Prince and Hurricane Matthew struck in October of 2016.  While the litany of hardship and disasters continues in Haiti, this time seems different with the world-wide COVID situation and the unfolding disaster developing in Afghanistan capturing people's attention. 

Death and injury numbers coming in may not be quite as staggering as back in 2010, but the misery and need is as much as ever.


Displaced mother and child.
A displaced mother and her child.

After the funeral for one of the Radio Lumiere staff who lost his life in the earthquake, Peniel and his team hope to return to Port-au-Prince to purchase more supplies to bring back to Cayes and Jeremie.  Shops there are either destroyed or closed; foodstuffs, necessities, and building materials are in short supply or not to be found, thus his shuttling between P-a-P and Cayes. 

Injured girl.
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This is where we are looking to you for help.  We are using up our funds intended for other projects for this immediate need.  However, the need is much greater than what we have, both monetarily and materially.  We ask that you would consider making a donation for this relief effort.  We pass that money directly to our team on the ground in Haiti who then procures the materials there for delivery to the needy. 

In the meantime we are looking at opportunities to obtain materials and ship them directly to the Cayes area, thus saving time and travel distance by eliminating the travel between P-a-P and Cayes deliver it.  The tremendous logistical cost for this is more than we can handle.  For that we are looking for funding to make it happen. 

Go Fund Me LOTM Haiti Earthquake ReliefAs always, we covet your prayers for us that doors are opened and funding comes in to use to get the materials, medicine, and food to our Haitian friends and neighbors.  Pray also for Peniel and other Radio Lumiere staff.  They lost their Program Director at the Cayes studio in the earthquake.  They have damaged and needy facilities in many locations.  The Haitian people are very dependent on Radio Lumiere for vital information and inspiration.  Your donations will help them to obtain food, shelter, and medicine.  It will then free up the staff to get back to getting Radio Lumiere on the air for the people. 

Please prayerfully consider what you can donate today.  We have a GoFundMe page set up for this.  We also have our Donate page or you can click to make a donation at the bottom of this page also. 

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