2023 Summer Banquet

2023 Summer BanquetThis year's annual Least of These Ministries Summer Banquet was an amazing event, held once again at Calvary Church on Landis Valley Road, Lancaster.

By whatever measure one uses to define success, this event was all of that and more!

We had an outstanding turnout; in fact, we almost didn't have enough meals as we had a considerable number of last minute walk-in attendees and supporters.  We raised $20,000; a Summer Banquet record!

That was in keeping with how this year has gone for LOTM and our interactions with Radio Lumiere, and the MEBSH Church Conference.  Despite the violence, unrest, and food insecurity, God has been good to us and has used us tremendously in our support of RL this year. 

Dale LongExecutive Director Dale Long reported about the Mules and Motorcycles initiative with the MEBSH conference to supply these two modes of transportation for pastors in rural Haiti.  He also told of LOTM's efforts to get much needed leprosy medications to Haiti.  There also was the collaboration with government officials in Haiti to build out and strengthen their emergency broadcast system, one that is similar to ours in the States. 

There was a project update where we told of the many successes we had both funding and accomplishing the repairs of several stations and getting battery systems upgraded to much needed and more durable lithium batteries.

Ginger and Davied MuchmoreOnce again our featured speaker was Ginger Muchmore, along with her husband David.  They both worked in Haiti for more than 40 years and are strong advocates for Radio Lumiere.  In conjunction with the general theme of success was the message of hope.  They spoke of how Radio Lumiere is continuing to spread the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the hope that only He can bring, despite the continuing and increasing hardship in this nation.  Many, many thousands; tens of thousands of people know of Radio Lumiere and faithfully listen.  We at LOTM praise God for the opportunity to be His hands and feet in supporting and enabling RL to continue their ministry in Haiti against seemingly unending hardship.

Key prayer requests:

1) for the physical and health challenges of Chief Engineering Technician Peniel Mizaire from Radio Lumiere.  There is a concerted effort to obtain needed medical treatment for him, but it will more than likely wind through the Dominican Republic and Equador as we attempt to get him the needed tests, diagnosis, and hopefully resolution for his unending pain. 

2) for wisdom and discernment as Peniel desires for us to send a work team in 2024 on the ground in Haiti.  LOTM has only sent small 2-3 person teams randomly over the last few years because of COVID here in the States and the increased violence in Haiti. 

Mr. Innocent3) that God would continue to provide safety and provision for Radio Lumiere and the MEBSH conference as they serve and lead. 

4) Thanks to God for the funding support that we have been able to provide to RL and MEBSH for various initiatives and projects.

It is because of your faithfulness and generosity that we are able to do the work that we do. As always, we are thankful and grateful to God for you!